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Local Foodie Offers via Weekly Text Message!

Local Foodie SMS - Business Opportunity!


Local Foodie SMS Business Opportunity consists of the following:

1. Choose City or Area/County to Text Message Weekly Offers from Local Restaurants - LIST of SEVERAL Offers, NOT just a 150 character message.

2. Purchase your "Keyword" - Name of your City or Area/County.

3. Create a FOODIE GROUP, having them Opt-in to your:

- Keyword & Short code.

- Hand out Business Cards listing your KEYWORD & SHORT CODE for Foodies to Opt-in.

- Use Social Media to promote your KEYWORD & SHORT CODE for Foodies to Opt-in.

4. Total number of Foodies that have Opted-in ( From your "Keyword") will be given to you.

5. Sell Ad Space (List of Weekly Offers) to local restaurants - Offers will be sent 1x per week via TEXT MESSAGE blast to Foodie Group you created ( You set pricing for ad space ).

* ADVANTAGES using SMS/Text Message Advertising = Foodies have Opted-In ( So they WANT the Offers - Target Marketing ), Text Messages are opened within the first three minutes they're received & it's INSTANT Marketing( Not placing a print ad and hoping the right people see it ). WE do weekly EDITING of Offers & Send out Weekly Text Blast.

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